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Thursday, June 3rd, 2010


This workshop is designed for small business owners and professionals who want to develop confidence to speak in front of others. Learn to use the opportunity every time you make a presentation before an audience

You will learn to:

  • Build confidence as a speaker
  • Connect with your audience
  • Develop your own style of presenting
  • Enjoy sharing your ideas, proposals or visions
  • Manage your nerves and anxiety
  • Redirect your focus to engaging your audience

The only thing stopping people becoming a gifted speaker is fear or anxiety that need redirecting into confidence.

For more information : please contact me via email: info@cpmcounselling.com

The growth mindset

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

“… the more a person believes that abilities can be developed, the greater the success that person will eventually enjoy.”
(David Schenk in The Genius in All of Us, referring to research by Carol Dweck)

Something to inspire you to keep on learning and discovering new experiences. This video is made by Christian Borstlap for ‘Kinderpostzegels’ a charity focused on the promotion of children’s education. Enjoy.

things to learn from Matt Edgar on Vimeo.

The art of letting go, letting be

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Desperately holding on to something often holds us back in discovering the many possibilities to live a fulfilling life. It can be happiness, or sadness, or the way we think our life should look like, we easily get attached to. However, change is the one thing we can always count on. That one moment of intense happiness can last just a split second to be followed by frustration. Or a worry that held us in our grasp can just as easily evaporate and make room for confidence.

Here is a small experiment I want to share with you:

“Pick up a coin. Imagine it represents the object at which you are grasping. Hold it tightly clutched in your fist and extend the arm, with the palm or your hand facing the ground. Now, if you let go or relax your grip, you will lose what you are clinging onto. That’s why you hold on.

But there is another possibility: You can let go and yet can keep hold of it. With your arm still outstretched, turn your hand over so that it faces the sky. Release your hand and the coin still rests on your open palm. You let go. And the coin is still yours, even with all this space around it.”

(From: The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying by Sogyal Rinpoche)

Just imagine, how letting be might bring about many possibilities.

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