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Do your strategies still work, today?


I have been reading Seth Godin’s book Linchpin. In this book he asks us to question the current work system and whether we want to be part of an old or a new one.

Although most of us might assume the system we work in is how it has always been and will be, Seth makes a point in questioning those assumptions. He urges us to explore different, and maybe unfamiliar, ways of working. Ways that make you stand out, and are essentially more aligned with who you want to be.

This got me thinking. While he talks about business, I am wondering when you last questioned the approaches and strategies in your personal life?

Are you disappointed about outcomes that seem to repeat themselves? Do you regularly discover ways of doing that might not work anymore? Maybe there are some that belong to your younger self, not the current self.

From the day we are born we learn how to react to all kinds of situations, consciously and unconsciously. We develop coping strategies that help us deal with difficult situations. In the past they helped us a lot, but are they still useful today?

The point is that we often apply those learned responses and coping strategies without thinking twice about it. If you are not happy with certain outcomes, maybe it is time to start exploring whether you might be able to do things differently.

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2 Responses to “Do your strategies still work, today?”

  1. Kadira Says:

    Great post Claudia. That’s such a relevant question about questioning strategies we use in our personal lives. Its something we do in business but on a personal level I think we just so often continue on with, same old same old and often even expecting different results. Humans are such creatures of habit which is as Seth says, the lizard brain is always trying to keep us safe.

  2. claudia Says:

    Hi Kadira, yes, “same old same old” if it doesn’t work we just do it more and hope for the best (you had some foresight here, see my next post tomorrow on this subject). It is so easy to get comfortable with what we know and therefore we forget that there might be many different ways how we see, approach, interpret and change things. I strongly believe that every thing starts at the personal level and grows from there.

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