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Are you struggling through a difficult transition in your life?

    Moved to a new city or country?
    Lost your partner, a family member or friend?
    Experience relationship difficulties?
    Pain or injury related stress?

Many times in your life you were able to get your life back on track. It was difficult, but you managed. Though this time you find it hard to cope and you wonder “what next”?

You are not alone.

Many people struggle from time to time with life’s challenges.
This can have an overwhelming effect on your well being, your relationships, your confidence and your identity.

Maybe you experience:

  • Self-doubt, confusion or loss of confidence
  • Stressful and unsatisfactory relationships
  • Loneliness, not belonging, disconnected from others
  • Anxiety, stress or depression
  • Increased feelings of worthlessness
  • Feeling like something is missing, an emptiness
  • Not knowing what to do next

If any of this resonates with you, help is here.

Counselling helps

Counselling can help you feel in control again, help you explore ways that fit for you and your situation.

It is a valuable support when you feel stuck and maybe scared about your future. It provides a structure and support for you in painful and confusing times. Counselling has made a real difference in many people’s life. You can do this too and regain your strength and confidence in yourself.

After seeing you only a few times, I was finally able to make steps forward again. I had felt so overwhelmed and hopeless for such a long time, but with your support I became more and more confident in my abilities to make positive changes in my life.

Counselling can assist you with the following

  • Support during a challenging time
  • Identify options open to you in the situation
  • Discover how you can create supporting relationships
  • Develop your personal tool kit of coping strategies
  • Explore what is important to you
  • Get unstuck and moving again
  • Reconnect with yourself and others
  • Improve your relationships
  • Achieve a greater sense of control and confidence

Feel happy, confident & in control again

As a fully qualified counsellor I have helped many people find their way through a challenging time. I have expertise in working with people from different backgrounds and who struggle with moving beyond a change in their life.

Your next step

  1. Book your counselling appointment now. Call me on 040 676 5516 or email me at claudia@cpmcounselling.com
  2. If you are not ready to book a counselling appointment, contact me for a FREE confidential 15-minute consultation to discuss your needs and hopes.
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