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Expertise and Barriers


The more insight we have in our field of expertise the more difficult it becomes to communicate those ideas clearly. (“The Curse of Knowledge” in Made to Stick)

Have you ever wondered who the expert is in your life?

It is you.

Unfortunately, your expertise can sometimes get in the way of engaging people to support you in times when you need it.

We know so much about our experiences, that we often assume others know too. We therefore expect them to understand how they can help us.

Yet, how can they. It is not them but you who has all the knowledge about what is going on – your thoughts, your feelings, your pain, your beliefs, your emotions, your experiences, your interpretations, your dreams, your hopes.

So, invite people to see beyond your surface. Make them your partner in helping you through a difficult time. Combine your and their expertise.


You can start with this fun exercise to learn how to explain to others what you know so well

Pick something you use day in day out. It should be so familiar to you that you don’t waste any thought on it. This could be the fork you eat with. The chair you sit on. Take one object and describe it to someone who has just landed from a far away planet and who has never seen or used this object.

You will realise how difficult it is to describe an object that is so ‘normal’ to you. Don’t give up, because you will also realise that you will come up with new insights about this object.


So, now try and take on the role of an outsider to describe one of your experiences. An experience only known to you.
Ask yourself what is it the other person needs to see and know in order to help you in a way the really supports you.

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