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Drawing boundaries


Have you recently felt trapped, perhaps frustrated, angry or you found yourself doing things you didn’t really want to do?

If yes, then maybe it is time to think about your boundaries. Do you know what you want to let in and what you want to keep out in your current life. Have you verbalised your boundaries to others around you. Think of your partner, your children, your parents or people you work with.

Setting boundaries is an act of self-care and respect for yourself. It is about the things and behaviour you want and don’t want or just can’t do. Sometimes it is difficult to say no, because you might feel selfish or you feel you should do it. However, ask yourself, how much are you willing to accept, how much can you handle, how long, what has to give…

Start finding out about your boundaries, so that you can act according to them, more often. And don’t forget to educate others about them, so that they can respect them.

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