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Do you know where you are going?


This morning I was heading to a meeting and realised how many road signs you see when driving a car.
How do we know which ones to follow or give attention to?

Imagine, for the first time in your life you see a road. And it is full of signs with different colours, shapes, sizes and information. Would you give each sign the same attention? What if you meet people on the road and they are telling you different stories about which signs you should look out for? How would you know which are the most important ones for you?

This morning I knew my destination, the direction and how to drive a car. So, those hundreds of signs didn’t distract me or got me off course. I knew which ones I needed to follow.

When you don’t know your direction it is like being on the road with all those signs for the first time. You easily get distracted.

What is your destination? Which road signs do you follow?

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