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What are you doing, right now?


Are you on the phone while reading my post? Following Twitter updates from the corner of your eyes, while also scanning incoming emails. They might be urgent and you can’t afford losing clients, right? At the same time, something in the back of your mind is reminding you that you still need to work on your marketing plan. Before you know it, half a day as gone by.

With so many things to focus on we become ineffective and stressed. People ask me: “Where do I find ‘me’-time?” or “Where do I find more time to spend with my partner?”. These questions seem to suggest that there are extra time units somewhere hidden in a secret place. Fact is there are 24 hours in a day and that is it.

How can you create a balance that works for you?

Practice to focus on what is most important right now. Whether it is finishing a proposal for a new contract, spending time with your partner, or anything else. Put all your attention towards it. From time to time, you will get sidetracked by your thoughts about the thing that needs to get done next or get distracted by incoming emails, phone calls, or Facebook updates. This is very common and we all experience this. The main thing is that you learn to become aware of it and get yourself back on track.

Here is, what you can do to keep focused:

  1. “Clean your desk”: Turn off any distracting devices (phone, blackberries, email alarms, social media applications, etc.).

  2. Bring yourself into the present moment: Throughout the day take ten deep breaths and follow their flow. Notice how your chest, belly and shoulders are moving with your breaths. Observe where you can feel the air flow in your body. It might be right at the tip of your nose or maybe in your throat.

  3. And finally ask yourself the following question a few times a day:

“What are you doing, right now?”

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